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November Month – 2020

VACANT PROPERTIES for the Month of November – 2020

Discover our Available Rental Properties for November Month – 2020 in different locations of Doha. We have available excellent and well-maintained Apartments (Studio, 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK), Villas (4 Bedroom and 5 Bedroom) and Office Space (Furnished and Unfurnished) in different locations of Doha.

(click the reference to know more about the property):

Abu Hamour
CAP36MMR – Unfurnished 2 Bedroom Apartment for Executive Bachelors (near Souq Baladi)

CAP108MMR – Unfurnished 1 Bedroom Apartment (near Souq Baladi)
CAP108MMR – Unfurnished 2 Bedroom Apartment (near Souq Baladi)

Al Aziziyah
CAPComplex – Unfurnished Office Space (along Salwa Road)
CAPComplex – Furnished Office Space (along Salwa Road)
CAP20AZZ – Unfurnished 2 Bedroom (opposite of Tea Time)

Al Hilal
CAP82AHL – Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment (behind Al Mana Tower)

Al Maamoura
CAP04MMR – Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment (behind Abu Hamour Petrol Station)

Al Mansoura
CAP21MSR – Furnished 2 Bedroom Apartment (near Al Meera – Al Mansoura)

Al Rawdah
• CAP16RDA – Unfurnished 1 Bedroom for Bachelors (behind Ansar Gallery)

Doha Al Jadeed
CAP110DJ – Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment (near Sword Signal / opposite of QP Handasa) – ONE MONTH FREE
CAP120DJ – Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment (near Sword Signal / opposite of QP Handasa) – ONE MONTH FREE
CAP28ADJ – Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment  – ONE MONTH FREE

CAP35DJ – Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment (opposite of QP Handasa)  – ONE MONTH FREE
CAP28DJ – Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment (near Grandmart)

CAP36DJ – Furnished 2 Bedroom Apartment (near Sword Signal)

Musheireb / Fereej Abdul Aziz
CAP116FAZ – Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment (behind Home Center)  – ONE MONTH FREE
CAP180FAZ – Unfurnished 3 Bedroom Apartment (behind Home Center)

CAP180FAZ – Unfurnished 2 Bedroom Apartment (behind Home Center) 

CAP30MRK – Semi – Furnished 4 Bedroom Villas for Families (near Newton British School – Muraikh)  – ONE MONTH FREE

CAP85MDR – Fully Furnished 1 Bedroom Compound Apartments (near Aspire Zone)
CAP10MDR – Fully Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartments (near Muaither Sport’s Club)

CAP18ANJM – Furnished 2 Bedroom Apartment (behind Gulf Cinema)
CAP28NJM – Furnished 2 Bedroom Apartment (near Al Qima Hotel / behind Gulf Cinema)

Old Airport
CAP57OAP – Unfurnished Studio Apartments for Families (opposite of Traffic Police Station)
CAP48OAP – Unfurnished 3BHK Apartments (near DHL)
• CAP48OAP – Furnished 3BHK Apartments (near DHL)

Old Al Ghanim
CAP17DRQ – Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartments (near Dar Al Qutb round about)

Umm Ghuwailina
CAP14MGL – Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment (near VIP round/about)  – ONE MONTH FREE

CAP15AMGL – Furnished 1 Bedroom Apartment (behind HSBC)  – ONE MONTH FREE
CAP14MGL – Furnished 2 Bedroom Apartment (near VIP round/about) 
CAP10MGL – Semi Furnished 3 Bedroom Apartment for Bachelors (behind Sana)

There you go! Our available apartments, villas and office space for the month of NOVEMBER 2020!
For any further assistance, information OR exact location, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Executive at:

– (+974) 5089 9333 • Send WhatsAppSend E-mail
– (+974) 5069 9333 • Send WhatsAppSend E-mail
– (+974) 5089 9555 • Send WhatsAppSend E-mail
– (+974) 5069 9444 • Send WhatsAppSend E-mail
– (+974) 5089 9444 • Send WhatsAppSend E-mail

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