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Social Media

Who would have thought that saying “Hi!” to your relatives, friends and others would be this easier by just clicking the send button? Who would have thought that kids are just having their own world and doesn’t even bother to go out. Who would have thought that a new world will come out and  make people find their new friends which they don’t even meet yet? Social Media is taking a big part in everyone’s life as every day goes by.

In Social Media world, we find comfort, feel justified, and we’re getting attention that most seek in the present time. When an someone posted a status on Facebook (though it may be good or not) as soon as we have good likes, we felt good, and we feel like he world is on our back. We are posting our good photos to get affection, to get be praised and to feel better about ourselves (which I think the reason why we don’t post bad photos on our account).

Are you also one of those people who are waiting excitedly for someone’s message? If you doesn’t received any reply you’ll get upset, but when you finally receive his or her reply, a smile will come out on your face. Facebook also takes over the judicial system of each country. I saw one post the other day complaining about a certain person, and people suddenly commenting bad things about that post. So what happened is, the one who posted feels like he’s right for doing it and had his revenge, but this commenter, what do they know about the story? We are quickly to judge people as what we only see and heard.

As the Internet world is rising so fast, it has also affected the Marketing strategies of each company. Because of the world built in Internet, it becomes a way for marketers to promote businesses which benefits both parties. It’s easier for all the customers to look for what they need, and it is easier for companies to show what they got.

In reality, Internet is not really that bad at all. What makes it bad is on how people use it, on how people deal with it. Too much social media can harm your relationship, you might enjoy having bunch of friends on Social Media but you have forgotten your real friends in the real world. Social Media friends don’t really care about you; they are not on you but on what’s happening on you. And oh! Please don’t post on Social Medias your problems in life, “Your personal problem requires personal solution and not social attention”.

Go out, there’s so much good things waiting for you outside your home.

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Credits to Sparky Doodles for the photo.


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